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10 June

Pollen tube growth explored

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During recent lab trials viable pollen grains were collected, treated on microscope slides and the germination and growth studied after a set period of time. Where Kelpak® was used at 1:100, 1:250 and 1:500, the pollen tubes showed significantly more growth compared to the control.

Separate field trials on almonds and cherries, conducted in Australia, California and Chile, demonstrate improved fruit set and fruit retention at harvest, as well as a number of beneficial responses related to healthy pollen development:

  • Improved rooting of nursery trees
  • Delayed blossom senescence during flowering
  • Increased pollen germination and pollen tube elongation
  • Better fruit set and retention
  • Increased weight and yields

N.B. Boron application with Kelpak is essential for fruit set:

It is important to note that boron deficiency in plants will result in poor pollen tube growth and fruit set. It is therefore essential to correct any boron deficiency before or with Kelpak application for optimal results. Caution: Do not apply boron where (boron) toxicity may occur.