Our Team

Our global team is selected from a diverse range of disciplines to ensure that the Kelpak brand delivers on its promise of an excellent return on investment for the end user.


    After qualifying as a chartered accountant with Ernst and Young; Roy spent a number of years in investment banking with Investec Bank, joining Kelp Products as financial director in 2002. Roy Slack took over the role of managing director of the Company in 2006 and remained in that position until 2019. Roy is married to Jenny, they have a daughter and two sons. Email: roy.slack@kelpak.com


    Janine Dahms grew up on a farm where she developed a deep appreciation for agriculture. After studying Agricultural Research (Plant Pathology) at Cape Town University of Technologies, she was involved for several years in the development and marketing of agricultural technology for crop disease prediction and irrigation scheduling. She joined Kelp Products in 2010 as technical and R&D manager.
    Email: janine.dahms@kelpak.com


    Cristian Gutierrez has been involved in the development of the Kelpak market in Chile since 2006. After completing an Agronomist degree, he worked as a farm manager, mainly in the production of fruit and table grapes. Later he worked in a Chilean Perennial Fruit Exported Company (SAFEX) in charge of citrus and avo growers. Thereafter he spent four years at Del Monte Fresh Produce. In 2006 Cristian joined COMPO Chile where he developed a relationship with the Kelpak brand. He has become a recognized nutritional walnut consultant in Chile and, in May 2013, he joined Kelp Products providing technical and marketing support to the Chilean market. Cristian is married to Marcia and they have two children.
    Email: cristian.gutierrez@kelpak.com

  • peter friedmann
    chairman | Asia Pacific

    Peter Friedmann has been involved in the development of Kelpak since the 1970's. After completing a law degree in Cape Town, his national military service and then after a brief spell with a commercial bank, he joined the fledgling business in 1981 as company secretary. He was appointed to the board as financial director in the mid 1980's, after completion of his honours degree in commerce, and became MD of the Company in the early 1990's. Peter drove the export growth of the business and handed over as MD in 2006 upon relocation to Sydney, Australia. He is currently chairman as well as a director of Kelp Products International, dealing with the development and growth of the business throughout the Asia Pacific region. Peter is married to Lindy and they have three sons.
    Email: kelpactive@westnet.com.au


    Nico Engelbrecht is the marketing and sales manager for South Africa, including Sub-Saharan Africa. He has an Msc (Agric) and an in-depth experience in plant production with special interest in row-crops, pastures and plant physiology. Nico joined the Kelp Products' team in 2009 and has contributed to Kelpak's development in the local and African markets. He is married to Marelize and they have three children. Email: nico.engelbrecht@kelpak.com


    Pedro Larrain has been involved in the development of the Kelpak market in Chile since its introduction in 1996. After completing an Agricultural Engineering (fruit specialist) degree at the University of Chile in Santiago, he worked for seven years in fruit and table grape production at Chile's main fruit exporter companies (DOLE & David del Curto). In 1996 Pedro joined BASF Chile S.A as product manager of foliar fertilizer, during the same period that Kelp Products appointed BASF as its distributor in Chile. In 2009 he became Kelp Products' marketing and technical manager for Latin America. Pedro is married to Pilar, they have a daughter and three sons.
    Email: pedro.larrain@kelpak.com

  • robert schewes
    director | europe

    Robert Schewes obtained his Engineer degree in Agricultural Science (with focus on Plant Production) from the University of Munich, his MSc in Marketing – Product Management from Cranfield Institute of Technology in Great Britain and his PhD in Agricultural Science (Trace analysis of herbicides in soil) from the University of Munich. He joined the Kelp Products’ team in 2005, after spending time in Germany and Chile working for COMPO / BASF and K+S Group. In 2005 he was appointed as a director responsible for the development and growth of the markets of Europe and the Middle East, as well as Latin America. Email: robert.schewes@kelpak.com


    Riaan Lourens completed a BSc and MSc in Biochemistry at the University of Stellenbosch. He obtained his PhD in Plant Physiology from the University of California, Davis. He was senior researcher at the Department of Agriculture Fruit and Fruit Technology Research Institute and principal researcher at the Agricultural Research Council Infruitec, located in Stellenbosch, where he covered research in weed science, chemical manipulation of fruit trees, plant growth regulator applications, fruit quality and post-harvest physiology. Riaan joined Kelp Products in 1998, currently heading up the technical department and global R&D effort of the Company. Riaan is married to Vera and they have two sons. Email: riaan.lourens@kelpak.com


    Antipas Reyes Criador IV (Jojo) joined the Kelp Products’ team in the Philippines in March 2016 as technical sales manager, Asia Pacific, with 28 years of experience in multinational companies Dole, Dow AgroSciences, BASF and Biostadt. He has an extensive technical and managerial background in the agricultural crop protection industry in the Philippines with involvement in research and production, sales and technical, operations management and business development. Jojo is an A B.S. Agriculture graduate from the University of the Philippines at Los Baños. He is a former vice president of CropLife Philippines and chairman of the Agriculture Committee of the European Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines. Jojo is married to Grace and they have four children, a son-in-law and a daughter-in-law, and their first grand-daughter.
    Email: jojo.criador@kelpak.com


    Rob Macdonald joined Kelp Products International in June 2017 as Managing Director Designate. He qualified as a chartered accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers and went on to work in the investments industry with Gensec, Sanlam and Satrix for 17 years. During this time he further qualified as a Chartered Financial Analyst. Robert took over the role of managing director of the Company in 2019 and is based at the Cape Town Head Office. Rob is married to Justine and they have two sons and a daughter. Email: robert.macdonald@kelpak.com

  • Heino Papenfus

    Heino Papenfus completed a BSc and BSc (Hons) in Medicinal Plant Science at the University of Pretoria. He obtained both his MSc and PhD in Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. During his post graduate studies he developed a keen interest in plant growth regulators and how they affect plant growth from germination to fruit production. He joined Kelp Products at the beginning of 2015. His principal roles are to conduct research and to provide technical support. Email: heino.papenfus@kelpak.com


    Carlo Botha joined Kelp Products International in October 2019 as Financial Director Designate and was appointed Financial Director in August 2020. He obtained his education from the University of Stellenbosch and qualified as a Chartered Accountant through Baker Tilly Greenwoods in Cape Town. He holds executive management experience in various industries, most notably as Financial Director at Stellenbosch Vineyards and Group Finance Executive at Pepkor Speciality. He is also a 2016 finalist in the top 35 under 35 CA (SA)’s as chosen by the South African Institute for Chartered Accountants. Carlo is married to Louise and they have three sons.
    Email: carlo.botha@kelpak.com