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Benefits of Kelpak on Avocados

Trials show various benefits of using Kelpak on avocados. These include improved nursery growth, fruit set and retention as well as better fruit quality and higher yields:

  • Improved young tree growth
  • Increased tolerance to abiotic stress
  • Better fruit set and retention
  • Increased fruit weight and sizing
  • Increased yields
  • Increased profit for the grower
Getting golden results on avos

2016-2022: Panquehue, Chile +
Levubu, South Africa

David Lacey

3 x avo trials in Chile:

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Recommended application rates

4 L/ha (maximum dilution 0.4%)
Foliar spray at 50% growth stage. Can be applied alone or with Sunny®

Repeat 14 days later
Repeat foliar spray at fruit set

NB Boron application with Kelpak is essential for fruit set:

It is important to note that boron deficiency in plants will result in poor pollen tube growth and fruit set. It is therefore essential to correct any boron deficiency before or with Kelpak application for optimal results. Caution: Do not apply boron where (boron) toxicity may occur.