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Giving farmers a sustainable edge


With diminishing resources like arable land and clean water, amidst an ever expanding global population, farmers strive to remain competitive. Growing healthier more resilient crops, to produce higher yields and ultimately feed a hungry world. For centuries farmers have tried to improve their crop output with fertilisers and nutrients, however it is seaweed that stands out as a natural and sustainable source of beneficial elements that aid the growth of crops. Not all seaweeds are equal though. Kelpak is a powerful liquid seaweed extract made from the fast growing giant kelp, Ecklonia maxima.

What makes Kelpak different?

Only Kelpak is harvested using strict scientific protocols and manufactured using the proprietary Cold Cellular-burst extraction process in order to isolate the beneficial elements found in kelp. Ongoing research and trial data from around the globe prove Kelpak's ability to significantly increase the health, quality and yield in a wide variety of crops, offering consistent benefits to farmers, in over seventy countries, over four decades. A recently published study, (The Journal of Applied Phycology 2023) clearly illustrate the difference in performance between Kelpak and other seaweed products.

This study indicates that together with improving root growth, plant health and nutrient uptake, Kelpak significantly increases pollen tube development, ensuring that germination and fruit set receive an early boost resulting in higher yields and returns for the farmer. Contact us for more information.

Helping farmers grow

Kelp Products International makes it their business to understand the farmers' needs. Kelpak's application programs have been carefully devised over the past four decades to ensure optimal benefits to the farmer. Kelpak's recommended application timings and rates are scientifically determined to benefit the various growth stages of specific crops, giving the farmer a unique and sustainable advantage.