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Crop information
Beans, Dry/Green

Benefits of Kelpak on Beans, Dry/Green & Lupins

Kelpak trials on dry and green beans in South Africa, Poland, Australia and Canada all show increased yields:

  • Increases root number and mass
  • Improves natural nutrient uptake
  • Increases overall plant growth
  • Increases number of pods per plant
  • Increases seed weight, yields and returns

Recommended application rates

Apply at 180 ml/100 kg as seed treatment before planting.

or Apply 1 - 2 L/ha in furrow over seed with planter

and Spray 2 - 3 L/ha between V6 and R1 growth stage (pre-flowering.)

Lupins : Spray 2 L/ha between 2 to 5 weeks after germination.

Kelpak can be applied in conjunction with standard fertilizer programs pH of spray solution should be below 7 for optimum results.

Up to 55 % yield increases above standard

Beans, Dry/Green