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21 NOV

We're breaking new ground

We are excited to announce that our new global head office and world-class production facility is now underway and expected to come online during 2023.

As it becomes more and more critical to follow sustainable and efficient farming practices, and as markets become increasingly competitive for the grower, we have seen an exponential growth in demand for Kelpak Liquid Seaweed Biostimulant. Agronomists around the globe recognise the ability of this natural kelp extract to help provide healthier and more resilient crops with significant increases in marketable yields, whilst ensuring other inputs are efficiently utilised.

With Kelpak's expanded distribution to over 86 countries, our current facilities often run at peak capacity to keep up with ever increasing demand. We are nearing a point of outgrowing the current rate of production, hence we have made provision for an exciting new, world-class facility in the same precinct as our storage and distribution facility.

Set in an environmentally conscious development, this 11 000 m² site will include a 6000m² modern production facility including a state-of-the art Cellburst® Extraction Plant, as well as a 850m² global head office and visitor centre, with views over a protected wetland and table mountain beyond. As we progress with the build we will keep you updated. See images below