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Avo trials in Chile

23 Sep

Excellent results on avos

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Nursery trials conducted in Chile and Mexico, with Kelpak application on avocado, showed improved young tree growth. Field trials in Chile, with Kelpak application on bearing trees when compared to the control, showed significant yield improvement on both poor and strong flowering trees. Kelpak used in a tank-mix with Sunny®, (uniconazole, a gibberellic acid synthesis inhibitor), also improved yields above applications where Sunny® was applied alone.

A comparison of treatments with and without Kelpak showed an average yield increase of 12% over all trials. Improved fruit set and/or retention (more fruit per tree), better fruit shape improved quality and ultimately higher yields were observed in these trials.

  • Improved young tree growth
  • Delayed blossom senescence during flowering
  • Better fruit set and retention
  • Increased weight and yields

3 X avo trials in Chile:

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N.B Boron application with Kelpak is essential for fruit-set:

It is important to note that boron deficiency in plants will result in poor pollen tube growth and fruit-set. It is therefore essential to correct any boron deficiency before or with Kelpak application for optimal results. Caution: Do not apply boron where (boron) toxicity may occur.